Watching Fox Sports abroad? With a VPN it works, clear explanation!


If you have a subscription to Fox Sports you want to be able to enjoy this abroad. However, Fox Sports tries through a technical blockade to ensure that only people in Europe can watch this sports channel. This problem also exists with the use of Missed broadcasts abroad. This is of course very annoying if, for example, you want to continue watching the Eredivisie while you are on holiday or abroad for work. Fortunately, there is a method to circumvent this blockade. On this page you will find out how you can easily bypass the blockade with a VPN and watch Fox Sports when you are not in Europe. With a VPN it is therefore possible to watch Fox Sports when you are abroad. And this works with both the app on your phone or tablet and via your laptop. The blockade for people from another country to Fox Sports Go is maintained by checking for IP addresses. Based on someone's IP address you can see in which country you are. Each country has its own IP range. This means that each IP address is bound to a country.  This way, Fox Sports can easily check where someone is and block your access based on that. The solution is to use a different IP address.

Watching Fox Sports abroad? With a VPN it works, clear explanation!

VPN is the solution

With a VPN connection you can easily change your IP address. And because actually all VPN services have a server in the Netherlands so you can easily take a Dutch ip-address. Once you are connected to a VPN server in the Netherlands you can watch Ziggo Go abroad. You can then just follow the Eredivisie live abroad. To make the choice a bit easier you will find below a list of the best VPN services we offer to watch Ziggo Go from abroad.


According to us, the best VPN for many applications. ExpressVPN is also a really good solution for watching Ziggo Go while you're not in the Netherlands. The connections are more than fast enough to stream the streams of Fox Sports Go. ExpressVPN is one of the most expensive VPN services but you get really good quality and super fast connections

. This is of course nice if you want to stream a video.visit ExpressVPN


NordVPN is a VPN provider with a large network of servers. Also in the Netherlands there are enough servers so that it is possible to follow Dutch streams with a geographical blockade from abroad. NordVPN also has good software for all different devices. Moreover, it is cheaper than the ExpressVPN mentioned earlier. Yet for the price you get a really good VPN service that is perfect for watching streams from abroad.NordVPN visit

Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access is the best budget VPN available. The price is really competitive and you get a very solid VPN service for that. There are enough servers in the Netherlands so you can easily bypass the geographical blockade of Fox Sports. Also, the speeds are good enough to follow the streams without buffering.Visit Private Internet Access

Install and use VPN very easy

Installing a VPN service on the different devices you want to watch Fox Sports on is very easy. This applies to the PC (with Windows), VPN's for Mac, Android and iPhone or iPad. The VPN services mentioned above have created separate software for all these devices so that it is easy to connect to a VPN server in the Netherlands. If you want to watch Fox Sports via a Chromecast, Apple TV or Smart TV from abroad this is best done by setting up your internet router as a VPN client. This is possible with a router on which you install the Firmware DD-WRT. We have written a special article about this: Setting up VPN on a DD-WRT router. Another option is to set up a virtual router with the help of your laptop.

Enjoy all football competitions at Fox Sports

So outside the Dutch Eredivisie you can also watch all the other sports you normally watch. This means that with a VPN connection you can also watch the following sports competitions abroad:

Annoying on holiday

So if you want to watch Fox Sports on your laptop, smartphone or tablet on holiday, you have a problem. You are probably connected via the wifi network of your holiday home, so Fox Sports will block the streams you want to see. Fortunately, the above solution can be used with the Fox Sports go subscription that you can subscribe to when you connect to Fox Sports or KPN interactive TV. To solve this problem simply launch the VPN app on your device. Then choose a server in the Netherlands and start the Fox Sports Go website or app. You can then simply enjoy all the football matches or other sports events that you normally watch on Fox Sports.

Also for Fox Sports live

The VPN solution doesn't just work for looking back at programs on Fox Sports. When you are connected to a VPN you can also watch Fox Sports live broadcasts while you are abroad. To receive Fox Sports live you need a VPN connection as well as an internet connection fast enough to stream the videos. But this is the case in the vast majority of today's holiday destinations.

For Ziggo Go users

If you are a Ziggo customer and have taken out the Fox Sports subscription via Ziggo, you do not have to pay separately for Fox Sports Go. You can then receive Fox Sports with the Ziggo Go app or on their website. However, you will still need a VPN connection that changes your location. On our Ziggo Go abroad page you will find more information about how this works, and there is also a solution if you want to watch Fox Sports 1 day. At Fox Sports Go you have the possibility to buy a day pass. This entitles you to watch the streams of Ziggo Go for 1 day. When you want to watch the streams from abroad it is important that you connect to a Dutch VPN server, if you only want to watch the Eredivisie for 1 day you can choose for a Free VPN subscription. These usually have a data limit, but in the vast majority of cases this is sufficient to briefly watch a stream of Fox Sports from abroad.

Best VPN Ranking

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