Watch Free Formula 1 Streams Via VPN


To watch Formula 1 in the Netherlands with Dutch commentary, you need to have a subscription with Ziggo. The Ziggo Sport channel broadcasts every training, qualification and race of the f1 live. However, not everyone has Ziggo and to only buy a Ziggo subscription for Formula 1 might be a bit exaggerated. Fortunately, there are also foreign broadcasters that broadcast the Formula 1 races for free via internet streams. These streams can only be seen in the country the stream is meant for. On this page you will discover how you can bypass the geographical blockages of these streams with a VPN and watch the races for free.

Watch Formula 1 streams via VPN for free, discover how to watch f1 on the internet!

Where can you find the free Formula 1 streams?

As far as we know there are currently 2 legal free streams available with a language that most Dutch people understand. We will update this list regularly. You can find live streams of the Formula 1 races at the following broadcasters:

How to watch the free Formula 1 streams with a VPN

Normally, it is not possible to open the above streams in the Netherlands. This has to do with the fact that the mentioned broadcasters have built a regional blockade, which means that you can only open the stream in the country from which the stream is offered. During a VPN connection it seems to the websites you visit and the online apps you use that the location of the VPN server you are connected to is your location. This means that when you choose "London" as your location, for example, for the streaming service it looks like you are in England. You can then follow the live stream of the Formula 1 race via Channel 4.

Best VPNs for watching Formula 1 streams online

A good VPN for watching Formula 1 streams must meet a number of conditions. There are two VPN's that we recommend you try out, if you wish to watch Formula 1 streams uninterrupted. These two VPN providers are listed as follows:


ExpressVPN is number one in this list for several reasons. For example, ExpressVPN has a large number of servers all over the world, which is a great advantage when you want to bypass the geographical blockages of different countries. In addition, the speeds offered by the different VPN servers are stable and very fast; they score high on the list of fastest VPNs for a good reason. There are also apps available for all known operating systems so you can follow the Formula 1 stream of your choice on any device. They advertise themselves depending on the fact that with ExpressVPN you can easily watch the f1 races. ExpressVPN is a bit on the expensive side compared to other VPN providers. We think it's worth the price if you regularly use the VPN connection for anonymous surfing, for example. If you are only looking for a VPN for watching the Formula 1, the price may be a bit too high. You can instead choose NordVPN which is listed below and cheaper.


With NordVPN, There is a large server network available all over the world and the connections to these VPN servers is always stable and fast enough to watch the streams in high quality. For all the devices you want to watch the Formula 1 race on, NordVPN has developed an app, so you can easily follow the Formula 1 stream online. The price of NordVPN is a lot lower than ExpressVPN, while for watching Formula 1 it works fine or just as well.

Step-by-step method for watching Formula 1 via the VPN

It may sound difficult to operate through a VPN connection, but in practice it is very easy to do so. This works as follows:

Simply subscribe to one of the above VPN's, as according to us they are the best, and you instantly get access to their servers. The VPN providers have developed an app that you will need to download, as this will allow you to watch your favorite Formula 1 races. This app helps you view the F1 from a country that is in reality blocked from the viewership of this sport coverage. As VPN's make it possible to override geographical blockades, they are the only way you can gain viewership to programs that are geographically restricted. For example, Netflix US, which is only available in the United States. With the VPN app, you even have the freedom to watch the Formula 1 via any device, smart television, laptop, tablet or smartphone. It's as easy as that!

So whether it is ExpressVPN or NordVPN that you choose, you will be able to watch live Formula 1 streams without any geographical restrictions. If ExpressVPN is slightly expensive for you, NordVPN will suit your pocket well. ExpressVPN may be the best, but both have more or less the same features, so you can go for NordVPN if you wish to cut your costs on the pricing.

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