VPN for iPad, the 3 best VPN apps & roadmap to set up yourself


Even with your iPad, you want to use the Internet safely while protecting your privacy. A VPN offers you a solution for these requirements. For example, you can surf anonymously with a VPN connection on your iPad while making it virtually impossible for hackers to hack you. In addition, the use of a VPN has another major advantage for your iPad, the ability to bypass geographical blockages. Ideal if, for example, you want to continue watching Dutch TV on holiday or want to watch the American offer of Netflix. On this page you will find out what the best VPN apps for the iPad are and what you can do with them, as well as how you can set up a VPN yourself on the iPad. This is interesting when, for example, you need to connect to a VPN network of the company you work for or the educational institution you are studying at. Below you will find the contents of this article:

VPN for iPad, the 3 best VPN apps & roadmap to set up yourself

Set up your own or use VPN app?

There are basically 2 ways to connect a VPN to the iPad. The first is to set up the VPN connection yourself via the default settings of iOS (the operating system of the iPad and iOS). iOS has support for a number of VPN protocols by default. Setting up a VPN connection yourself is therefore quite easy, but it is somewhat limited in possibilities and also takes a lot of time. Moreover, this method is mainly used by people who need to set up a VPN connection to the network of the organisation where they work. Those who are looking for a VPN provider for more anonymity, privacy and bypassing geographical blockages, a VPN app is in fact always a better alternative. It has more features and is much easier to use than the standard VPN capabilities on your iPad. Below you will find a list of VPN providers that offer a very good service and have developed a good VPN app for the iPad.

Best VPNs for iPad

We therefore first look at the different apps that the VPN providers have developed themselves. We look at which VPN services have the best app for the iPad. For example, we look at the design of the app, the quality of the VPN connections and the price/quality ratio. In addition, we also take into account the fact that many people who have an iPad also have an iMac or Macbook. All VPN services listed below also have software for Mac computers and laptops, in fact this is the app for iOS, so it always works the same way on the Apple iPhone.

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN has an easy to use app for iOS. The design looks good in our opinion and the use of the app is very intuitive. For example, you can simply set up a VPN connection with one push of a button. You can easily select your favorite server from a list. In that list you can see the different locations of the VPN Servers of ExpressVPN. You can also see the recommended servers in the list, these are the servers with the lowest load that are closest to it. So this is a recommendation on speed. Below is a 3 step screenshot of what it looks like to set up a VPN connection on your iPad when using ExpressVPN. However, the default settings will be sufficient for most people. But for the enthusiast it is for example possible to choose which VPN protocol you prefer to use. You can also set the VPN to reconnect automatically if the connection is disconnected for any reason and there are a number of other settings you can adjust. ExpressVPN's VPN servers are also very fast and have always been available during our long-term tests. The technical state of this VPN service is excellent. This is why ExpressVPN is number 1 in this list and also in our list of best VPN's. Visit ExpressVPN iPad pageAction: 3 months free with an annual subscription to ExpressVPN! *Only valid via the links on our website. When you order an annual subscription, you will see this promotion on the ExpressVPN website.

2. 2. NordVPN

Previously NordVPN had an app for the iPad and iPhone that was not that good. Luckily the app has improved so much in the meantime that the app is much better appreciated, you can see this in the Play store. The app is easy and clear to use. The app looks sleek and is in our opinion nicely designed

. Besides that, the service itself is very good. There are more than enough servers to choose from and the connection is actually always stable. NordVPN has also been high on the various lists of best VPN for various purposes.

3. 4. Tunnelbeer

Tunnelbear is a high quality VPN service. They have many and fast servers around the world. They also offer the necessary protocols including OpenVPN from which you can choose, but the app is really perfect to use. The interface looks very simple and clear, and the use is. You can easily choose which server you want to connect to in which country. So you can easily decide in which country, for example, you want to see blocked videos on your iPad. What's more, the animations that are used are fun to watch and they also have the option to use the service for free. This free version only has the restriction that you can use a maximum of 500mb per month. But it is definitely worthwhile to test this free subscription of this VPN service on the iPad. In these reviews you'll also find out what the app for iOS is like, the operating system the iPad runs on.

Bypassing geographical blocks on iPad

Of course, Apple's iPad is also perfect for watching the NPO app or RTL XL app. This only doesn't work when you are abroad. Because of broadcasting rights the broadcasters are not allowed to make their broadcasts available abroad. These blocks work based on your IP address. The video service recognizes by the IP address in which country you are. If this does not appear to be in the Netherlands, the ability to watch is denied. With a VPN you can make sure you get a Dutch IP address. Then you can watch the programs on the RTL XL iPad app abroad. It is also possible to use a VPN on the iPad to watch programmes from BBC iPlayer.

Also for Netflix

This method also works for Netflix. With the right VPN iPad app it is possible to look at foreign versions of Netflix. This is interesting because the offer in the different countries is different. For example, the offer of the American Netflix is many times larger than the offer in the Netherlands.

Free VPN for iPad

If you're looking for a free VPN to use on your iPad, you're sure to find plenty on offer in the apple store. We would like to warn you that with free VPN services you often pay differently for using the service. This often takes the form of personal data sold by the developer of the free VPN service, yet there are a number of good free VPN services available that work well on the iPad. On our free VPN page you will find a number of VPN services that we believe are reliable and that you can certainly try on the iPad. These services do have certain limitations, but in principle they are fine to use for certain purposes. The limitations of free VPN services are usually a data limit, access to a limited number of servers, and intrusive advertising that the VPN service tries to use to get you to switch to a paid subscription.

VPN setup on iPad

Besides using an app of a VPN service it is also possible to manually set up a VPN connection. The possibility to set up a VPN connection in iOS is extensive and good. The only limitation of the standard option is that it is only possible to connect to the following protocols: The best known is the OpenVPN connect app. The best protocol supported by default in iOS is IKEv2. If it is possible to connect to the VPN server you want to connect to, we recommend using IKEv2. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to set up the VPN connection on your iPad.

OpenVPN on iOS and iPad

OpenVPN is the open source protocol that appears to be very secure. We therefore recommend using this protocol whenever possible. By default iOS, i.e. the iPad, does not support OpenVPN. Luckily this is easy to solve. First of all you can easily install the app from the VPN service you purchased. It will co-install support for OpenVPN. You can also download the open-source client app for OpenVPN from the app store. This app is called "OpenVPN Connect".

Use public wifi safely

When you're on holiday, whether abroad or in the Netherlands, you most likely make use of a public wifi network. The same goes for people who use their iPad for business purposes, for example in co working spaces or for presentations at companies. These wifi networks are very sensitive to hacks, it is relatively easy for malicious hackers to eavesdrop on the data sent via wifi networks and with a VPN connection you remove this risk. Because all data is encrypted between the iPad and the VPN server, hackers will not be able to eavesdrop or access your data. With a VPN connection on your iPad, you are assured that you are protected against hackers abroad or in other places where you use a wifi network.

Conclusion VPN for iPad

The reason why you want a VPN service on your iPad can be different. It's handy when you're on holiday to watch Dutch TV back, read more on the page missed watching a broadcast abroad. And of course it is also much safer if you use public wifi hotspots. Fortunately it is very easy to make a VPN connection on your Ipad. The VPN services always have an app for iOS and you can also make VPN connections with the default settings on your iPad. The easiest way is to use the app of the VPN service of your choice, then all settings are automatically correct and all you have to do is enter your own username and password.

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