VPN buying advice, what to look out for and our top 3


To use a VPN connection a VPN account is required. With a VPN account it is possible to log in to the VPN servers that provide the VPN service in question. So you buy, as it were, access to the VPN servers. In order to get a VPN account it is necessary to purchase a subscription from one of the VPN providers. In this article we will discuss the different things you should pay attention to when buying a VPN. You will also find a list of the best VPN providers in our opinion. This list has been compiled on the basis of fixed assessment criteria, which you will also find in that overview.

VPN buying advice, what to look out for and our top 3

Best Buy VPN

Which VPN subscription to buy is a tricky choice. Because there are so many different VPN services it is difficult to choose the right provider for your needs. To make the choice a bit easier we are constantly testing a large number of different VPN providers. Based on these tests and our experiences with the different providers we can make a list of the VPN providers we think are the best VPN providers. Below you will find our top 3 VPN's that you can buy. This top 3 consists of only VPN services that score well on the fixed criteria we use in our VPN reviews. These include the quality and speed of connections, the user friendliness of the software, the options of the software and the way your privacy is protected.


ExpressVPN is a VPN service with a very good VPN service. On all devices the software is nicely designed and very easy to use. The software and apps are also very stable and have no negative influence on the system. Also the quality of the VPN servers and the connections with them turn out to be very good. The speeds with the VPN servers are really excellent and the stability of the connections is also very good. The only disadvantage of ExpressVPN is the slightly higher price compared to other VPN providers available. But if you simply want to buy the best, then this service is the best for you. Visit ExpressVPNAction: 3 months free with an annual subscription to ExpressVPN! *Only valid via the links on our website. When you order an annual subscription, you will see this promotion on the ExpressVPN website.


NordVPN is right in our list of best VPN providers. The price is attractive and the software works extremely well. There are also really lots of servers available with these servers which ensures that you always have a fast VPN connection at your disposal. The most important point is that your privacy is guaranteed with this VPN provider. The VPN protocols that are used are secure and there are also more than enough security features built in such as the kill switch on the various apps for the different operating systems that NordVPN has developed. Another big advantage of NordVPN is the very affordable price compared to the ExpressVPN mentioned earlier. If you are just looking for a very good VPN for a very good price then NordVPN is the best choice we think you can make.

Choosing the right VPN provider

When you choose to choose your own VPN provider, it is important to have a clear understanding of what is important to you. It is therefore best to pay attention to the points below.

Privacy and security

When you buy a VPN for security reasons and better protection of your privacy, you should pay close attention to it. There are several things you should pay attention to that give a good impression of how well your privacy is protected and how good the technical security of a particular VPN service is.

Privacy protection

First of all, it is wise to read carefully what is stated in the privacy policy of a VPN service. In this policy you can find out what data is stored about you. You can also find out what the VPN service does with any DMCA notice. This is a request from the entertainment industry requesting data from a user of a VPN service who is suspected of downloading or uploading digital piracy; the illegal downloading and uploading of movies, music, games and other digital content. Most VPN services have a clear statement that they do not take such a notice seriously and ignore it. When privacy is important to you, we believe it is wise not to purchase a VPN subscription that is headquartered in one of the five eyes nations.  These are: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States. These are the countries with the most eavesdropping and that also exchange information with each other. In addition, companies in these countries are obliged to provide all data that the government may ask for. For anonymous surfing, make sure that the VPN service is housed in a facility where privacy is still a top priority. Think for example of Panama, Romania or one of the other many countries.

Technical safety

There is also the technical security of the VPN connections. A lot of people use a VPN because of their privacy or because they don't want to be eavesdropped on. It is therefore very important that the technical security of the VPN connections is guaranteed. Therefore, please make sure that the protocols you can use with a particular VPN service are secure. In general we can say that most VPN protocols are secure with the exception of PPTP. We recommend using the OpenVPN protocol wherever possible, as well as the client software of a VPN service. Note that there is a kill switch option in the software of the VPN service you want to use. A kill switch is a security option that ensures that all Internet traffic is interrupted when the VPN connection is lost for any reason. This prevents data that you only want to send over a secure VPN connection from being sent openly over the Internet. In addition, you can make sure that the VPN client ensures that there is no DNS leakage. With a DNS leak it is still possible for the owner of the DNS server to see which websites you visit.


When you want to use a VPN connection to access the internet, you don't want to compromise the speed of your internet experience. Because all your internet traffic goes through a server with a VPN connection there is a risk that the connection will be much slower. The server can become a bottleneck. It is therefore important to find out in advance whether the speed of the VPN service is fast enough for your purpose. In all our VPN reviews we discuss the speed of the different services. In addition, we have a page with the fastest VPN's. In order to achieve optimal speeds it is important to have servers nearby. Therefore when you buy a VPN that has these servers near the location where you are going to use the VPN connection the most. Fortunately, most VPN services have one or more servers in the Netherlands.

Server locations

As indicated above, the location of a server is important to achieve a good speed. In addition to this reason there is another reason to pay attention to server locations of the VPN services when figuring out which VPN you want to buy. The other reason to pay attention to server locations of the VPN services is to bypass geographical blockages. A lot of content on the Internet is geographically limited to see. For example, it is not possible to watch RTL XL abroad. When you connect to a VPN server in the Netherlands, you are still able to view RTL XL's content abroad. You can also watch the American Netflix if you connect to an American VPN server.

Price of VPN subscription

Of course, the cost of a subscription is also important when you are going to buy a VPN. After all, the subscription also has to be paid for. The prices can also vary quite a bit, but we think that the costs are pretty clear, so you can buy a good VPN from $3.33 per month. There are also providers that charge a minimum amount of $8 or more per month. Depending on how important the costs are to you, you can make a choice.

On which devices are you going to use the VPN you buy?

It is also important to choose a VPN provider that has developed an app for the devices on which you want to use a VPN connection. The largest VPN providers nowadays all have an app for the most commonly used operating systems and devices such as an iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows and MacOS

. But if you have support for your router, Kodi, Linux computer and other more exotic systems you should pay attention to that.

Rules of the VPN service

It is also important to know the rules of the VPN you want to buy. For example, there are VPN providers that do not allow anonymous downloads via torrent or other protocols. You can also find the rules of the various VPN services on the website of the VPN provider in question, you can also find a lot of information about them in our VPN reviews. It is advisable to check these rules when you want to purchase the VPN. For most users the rules apply everywhere. Something that can be disappointing is that you are not allowed to download via Torrent, for example, as mentioned above.

VPN-software download

When you have purchased a VPN subscription, you will of course need to start using it. The VPN services all offer software for this purpose. This VPN software can be downloaded from the website of the VPN provider where you purchased a subscription, once you have downloaded and installed this VPN software you can open the program. You will then need to log in with the details you have received from your VPN provider. After logging in you can choose which server location you want to use and connect. Below is an example of NordVPN what the software looks like when you still need to log in.

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