VPN AC review, the service with a strict privacy policy


VPN AC is a relatively small VPN provider that focuses on the privacy and security of its users. The service is headquartered in Romania and this means they have no obligation to keep logs. In the review we test VPN AC and share our experiences with this service.

VPN AC review, the service with a strict privacy policy


What stands out for this relatively small provider is that they do have a server in many countries, although they do have servers in 12 countries. These are the most common countries you will want to use.  In total there are 60 servers, so in most countries they have multiple servers so there is always one working server in each country. For this review we have tested most of the servers.

Speciale Torrent-servers

For downloading torrents VPN AC servers are located in Romania and the Netherlands. They have done this because these governments do not currently take measures against people who use torrent for downloading.

Software from VPN AC

VPN AC uses the OpenVPN software, which is easy to use. If you want to use the vpn service on another operating system you will have to use a third party software. Luckily they have extensive tutorials if you want to use OpenVPN's open source software for example, for completeness you will find below some screenshots of the Windows software of VPN AC, we have used these for this review


Software for Windows and Mac

The software for Windows and Mac (OS X) is easy to use and actually has all the options you can expect from a VPN client.

No automatic connection

The windows and OS X software of VPN AC does not have the option to connect automatically when the computer boots up. In our opinion this is a pity and we see it as a drawback in this review, but you are able to easily connect with OpenVPN software when the computer boots up. Because you can also use the OpenVPN software on Mac and Windows computers instead of the standard software, you can use this software to automatically start the software and connect automatically. For Android and ios this is not possible, but because your mobile device is always switched on this is also less necessary. A disadvantage in our opinion is that there is no killswitch in the software of VPN AC or in the OpenVPN software. This is quite easy to script but for the less technical people it can be tricky.

Privacy and security

The service itself claims that security and privacy are very important to them and that customer data is safe with this company. The facts that indicate this are clear. For example, the company is headquartered in Romania, which means that they have no data log obligation. They themselves indicate that they do not keep any logs, only 1 day logs to improve the service and to see back what may have gone wrong. Also technically the security is right, as you may expect from a vpn service. They offer by default the OpenVPN protocol with 256-bit encryption. This is a very strong encryption that is known to be very secure. As a user you also have the choice to use a L2TPIPSec vpn connection, especially for Mac users this can be interesting because Apple supports this standard in its operating systems.


The speed of the VPN AC servers leaves something to be desired. Some servers are reasonably fast while others are much slower. If you are using VPN AC and experience slow internet it may be worth choosing another server, the special torrent servers seem to be the slowest at the moment. This probably has to do with the fact that a lot of people use these servers to download and upload a lot of data.

Torrent with VPN AC

VPN AC explicitly allows users of bittorrent and other P2P protocols. There are even manuals available on the website that teach you how to make sure your bittorrent client stops automatically if the vpn connection is lost. This is a useful option on the website, but there are also providers that incorporate this feature into their VPN software, so downloading via Bitorrent is permitted over the servers in the Netherlands and Romania. This is all clearly indicated in the service's software.

Concluded VPN AC

VPN AC seems to us to be a very reliable VPN provider with a good privacy policy and all the standard requirements you can have for a VPN service. The software leaves something to be desired for some people, but if you are a bit handy you can set up anything you want for a VPN connection. The speed seems to vary per user but we did not get the maximum speed out of our connection during our review, the speed was more than enough to enjoy browsing and watching online movies. For the real power user this might not be enough.

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