Trust Zone VPN review, read what our experience with this VPN is

28-Dec-2019 is a simple and mainly basic VPN provider. This is reflected in the various aspects of this VPN provider. For example, there are considerably fewer VPN servers available than with the top VPN services. As you can see from the name, privacy is an important spearhead for Trust.Zone. They confirm this by having chosen the Seychelles as their jurisdiction. In addition, Trust.Zone itself tells them to keep a no-log, so they do not keep track of what their users do via the VPN network.

Trust Zone VPN review, read what our experience with this VPN is

Server Trust Zone

At the time of writing, Trust Zone has 170 servers spread over 96 locations. These locations are mainly located in North America and Europe. Yet on each continent you will find at least 1 location with 1 or more servers, this is a special feature for a VPN provider that hasn't been there that long.

Software of Trust Zone

Trust Zone has not yet developed software for all known operating systems. For example, there are currently no Trust Zone VPN apps available for MacOS and iOS. On the website of Trust Zone you will find clear manuals for using the VPN connections of Trust Zone. This works, but is far from ideal, especially considering the fact that there are other VPN providers that offer an application for all known operating systems.


The Windows Trust Zone VPN application is just like the whole service very basic. The software is easy to use. But there is little to set up within the settings. If you are simply looking for a VPN it might be nice that the software is easy to use, below you can see 4 screenshots of the Windows VPN software of Trust Zone. Here you can see from left to right what the software looks like when you are connected. Next to that you see the settings which are a bit limited. But you can still enable a kill switch and choose to have Trust Zone VPN start up and connect automatically. Next to that you will see a screenshot of the status screen that Trust Zone has built into the software and next to that you will see a server list with which you can choose which location you want to connect to.


For Android, Trust Zone has developed an app that can be downloaded from Google's Play Store. If you have a subscription with Trust Zone you can login to the app and use the Trust Zone VPN servers. This Android VPN app actually has exactly the same look and feel as the Windows app. The app is just like the Windows app rather limited but simply works as it should. You can easily choose which location you want to connect to and also you can easily see if the VPN connection is active or still to be made. After our experience after all those reviews the software in the Trust Zone VPN review is actually quite disappointing. There are a lot of VPN providers with much better apps.

Privacy and security

As security in the form of encryption, Trust Zone VPN uses 256-bit AES encryption. This is a very strong encryption and you can assume that this encryption will not be broken. In this respect Trust Zone VPN offers a good level of privacy and security, and it is also important that the software considers the security of the VPN connections. There is a kill switch in the hosting as well as a DNS leak protection option. These 2 options ensure that information about your internet behaviour is not accidentally leaked outside the VPN connection. On Android the kill switch option or the DNS leak protection is not available. This is again a pity for people who value security and privacy on an Android phone. On our VPN test page you can check if your connection is secure, so you can also see if the Trust Zone VPN information is leaking. On the website is indicated that there is a no log policy. This means that Trust Zone VPN does not keep track of what users do online. According to several stories on the internet this seems to be true.

Stability and speed

During our tests for this review, the speed of Trust Zone was fine. The speed during testing was about as good as that of CyberGhost during that review. With a VPN connection to a server in Amsterdam we got a speed of 135 Mbps from Trust Zone and an upload of 31 Mbps. The maximum download and upload speed of our internet connection without VPN is respectively 251 Mbps and 37.2 Mbps. The stability of the VPN connections was also fine during our review period. The connection didn't fall away during our tests and that's a good sign. The speed seemed to vary during use.

Netflix and Trust Zone

Trust Zone is not the best choice to use as Netflix VPN. During our test we found out that most servers do not work with Netflix. We have a special page with VPN services that do work with Netflix. If you are looking for a VPN provider to look for example at the American Netflix we recommend you to look at that page.

Torrents download with Trust Zone VPN

Because Trust Zone does not keep any logs at all of what users do, it is safe to download your torrents via a VPN connection from Trust Zone. On the site the VPN provider also states that for this reason they will never be able to consult your data with parties who might ask for it, but we were disappointed with the speed of the download. Where the speed in the test for simple browsing was in order, it often turns out to be the case that the speed drops out during downloading. This results in a lower download speed, so downloading the same file is slower with Trust Zone than with NordVPN, for example.

Costs Trust Zone VPN

The price to become a Trust Zone subscriber is average. As with most other VPN providers, the converted monthly price will be lower if you subscribe for a longer period of time in advance. Trust Zone has another difference between the different packages: only with the 2 year contract you can use VPN connections with 5 devices at the same time with 1 VPN account. Any other subscription entitles you to only connect to 3 devices at the same time. This is actually on the low side for this price, this is a disadvantage we encounter in the review of Trust Zone


Free trial

At Trust Zone it is possible to choose a test account. For this it is necessary to pay in advance, which is a good action. This free test account can be used for 3 days and has a data limit of one gigabyte.

Conclusion: our experience with Trust Zone

The experiences with Trust Zone are in themselves nice to good. The quality and stability of the connections is good. In addition, the encryption they use is suitable for securing your privacy. The fact that they don't keep any logs obviously contributes to a high level of privacy. The disadvantages we came across in this Trust Zone review include the software. For example, there are no apps available for iOS and MacOS, 2 common operating systems. In addition, the software for Windows and the app for Android that are available is somewhat limited. There is little to set up and the design is also a bit old. Two other drawbacks are that this service is not well suited for Netflix and that the speeds during downloading were a bit disappointing. We think you can choose a much better VPN for the same money and even cheaper like for example Surfshark.

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