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On this page you can find out what the fastest VPN providers are at the moment. When you use a VPN connection, for example to surf the internet anonymously, it is very important that the speed is good. You don't want any delays when surfing the web or watching movies when you are connected to a VPN, that's why we have tested the speed of the different VPN services and on this page you will find the top 5 fastest VPN's of this moment. In principle, the speed of your internet connection will always decrease slightly when you choose to use a VPN. This has to do with the fact that all your internet traffic goes through a VPN server, an extra step. In addition, with a VPN all your internet traffic has to be encrypted and decrypted before it is sent and received. This encryption and decryption takes some time and therefore causes delays, so for a good speed it is necessary that the VPN providers use servers that can quickly encrypt and decrypt data. It is also important that the server has sufficient bandwidth to give the number of users sufficient speed.

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What we pay attention to when testing speed VPN

If we want to determine what the fastest VPN service is we will have to compare the different services on the same points. We have therefore tested the speed of the different providers on our website in the following ways: To make the test as fair as possible we always test the speed of the different VPN providers with a VPN server located in Amsterdam. We also test from Amsterdam, so the distance should result in a minimal loss of speed. We also did a speed measurement without a VPN connection. This gave the following result: download:

The top 5 fastest VPN services

Below you will find the top 5 VPN services selected on speed. Number 1 is the fastest VPN service and number 5 is the 5th fastest, so all VPN services in this list are fast enough for people who value speed, for example to download anonymously. So if you are looking for a fast VPN service you can basically choose any of the services listed below. To make a good distinction you will need to pay attention to other important features of the VPN services listed below.

1. 2. Surfshark

Surfshark is a newcomer in the top VPN segment. They have improved the service on several points as you can read in the Surfshark review.  Also the speed has improved a lot lately, so much so that they are number 1 here. It is also just allowed to use p2p (like torrents). This speed of course makes it extra attractive to use Surfshark for this purpose. Surfshark is very fast, something that frankly surprised us very positively. We achieved the following speeds while connected to a Surfshark server in

2. 2. ExpressVPN

The best premium provider on the list is ExpressVPN. The service is particularly fast due to the high server capacity. We have the feeling that they accept fewer connections per VPN server on their servers. This can be partly responsible for the fact that connections via ExpressVPN are also very fast, even the fastest in our 125.6 Mbps upload: 35.6 Mbps ping: 5 msVisit ExpressVPNAction: 3 months free with an annual subscription to ExpressVPN! *Only valid via the links on our website. When you order an annual subscription, you will see this promotion on the ExpressVPN website.

3. 3. NordVPN

NordVPN is the provider known to be reliable and to handle the data of its users well. In addition, the speed is also just very good, if you want to use it for just surfing, listening to music and watching movies on Youtube NordVPN is more than fast

4. CyberGhost

During testing we have seen that this is the case. The speed results when using a server in Amsterdam are:download:

5. 5. Windscribe

Windscribe has become a surprisingly fast provider. Lately, Windscribe has apparently invested heavily in improved connections to the servers. The download speed is the highest in this list. But because the ping and upload are a bit slower than the top 2 we decided to put Windscribe outside the top 3. Nevertheless we are very pleased with the speed of the VPN connections, especially when you consider that they also have a free subscription. Check out our Windscribe review for our complete experience with this VPN

Why is internet slower with VPN

Generally speaking, when you use the internet via a VPN connection, your internet speed drops a bit anyway. There are 2 reasons for this speed reduction: Delay may sound like a web page suddenly takes seconds longer to load. However, the truth is that with a fast VPN, a page still loads within the blink of an eye. With a fast VPN you do not realize that you are connected while surfing the web, but when processing large amounts of data when downloading and streaming videos, for example, you may realize that the VPN slows down. Especially for people who use a VPN as a torrent proxy this can cause a noticeable delay. A download can take much longer. And a video can take noticeably longer to load and even buffering in between can be a consequence of the VPN connection.

Self speed VPN testing

There are several speed tests on the internet that can test your upload speed, your download speed and ping. To test the speed of your VPN connection you can perform a speed test while the VPN connection is active, to measure the influence of an active VPN connection on your internet speed you can take an extra step. Test your internet speed with the speed test without being connected to a VPN. Then you do the same test while you are connected and you can see how much slower your internet gets because of the VPN. A connection speed test should be standard when you want to test your VPN connection.

Speed alone not decisive

This list simply shows the fastest VPN services you can use in the Netherlands. We advise you to always look beyond speed, for example, it is important to look at the number of connections and whether the privacy policy meets your wishes and requirements. The fastest is not necessarily the best VPN service. We therefore warmly advise you to investigate which VPN service suits you best. A slightly lower speed is hardly noticeable, especially if the service scores better on other points, we advise you to choose the other service.

Protocol also has an impact

The VPN protocol, and especially the encryption, also affects the speed of a VPN connection. The stronger the encryption, the more processing power it takes a computer to encrypt and decrypt the traffic. This processing power is needed on your device as well as on the VPN server. The more processing power your computer has and the more processing power the server has, the shorter the time it takes to encrypt and decrypt the data

. Note: in principle you hardly notice this, the encryption is very fast. But still you have some speed loss. You can choose an encryption that is not complex if you really want the fastest VPN experience. The fastest VPN protocol available is PPTP, which is many times faster than OpenVPN. It should be noted that it is also a lot more insecure than OpenVPN. But it works fine if you use your VPN to stream geographically blocked videos, for example.

Fastest VPN Points of Interest

The fact that we have achieved the above speeds does not necessarily mean that you will achieve the same download and upload speeds at your location with your internet provider as we saw in our tests. The speeds depend on several factors, for example how far away you are from the server you are using, the moment on the day you are using a server can influence the speed and the fastest vpn might not be the fastest option anymore. At some moments the servers are more loaded because there are simply more users using the same server at the same time.

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