Surfeasy review: easy to use VPN service with limitations


Surfeasy is a VPN service that was taken over by Opera software in 2016. Opera is a company that has become known for the browser of the same name that they manage. They do things a little differently than other VPN services. For example, there is a USB stick for sale from which only a secure browser runs. However, in this review of Surfeasy we do not discuss this possibility, we only review the way the VPN service works on the different devices. Surfeasy focuses on ease of use. The software on the different devices is made for people who don't want to set up too much. This also ensures that the possibilities you find in the software are somewhat limited compared to other VPN providers such as NordVPN. The service is mainly intended for people who want to easily encrypt their internet connection or view content with location limitations.

Surfeasy review: easy to use VPN service with limitations

Servers Surfeasy

The supply of the servers was previously limited but is increasing. Currently they have more than 1000 servers spread over 28 countries. It is noticeable that the servers are spread all over the world but that the supply in South-East Asia is somewhat limited. Most people who read this will be fine, there are a lot of servers all over Europe. There are also servers in the Netherlands so that you can make use of the fastest possible connection with a Surfeasy VPN server. It is true that the number of servers you can use depends on the subscription you choose. With the free and total subscription you get access to VPN connections to servers in 16 countries. With the Ultra plan you can connect to VPN servers in 28 countries.

The software

In this review we tested the VPN software on Windows and Android. We can be brief about the software of this VPN service. The software is very easy to use. Besides the software we tested, there is also an app for iPhones, iPads and client software for Mac (operating system MacOS) computers. There are also browser plug-ins for Opera and Chrome. With the latter only the internet traffic through your browser is encrypted. The browser extensions and add-ons can be used stand-alone, so you can set up a VPN connection with only the Chrome extensions installed, the same goes for the Opera add-on. When you add the extension or add-on to your browser you will have to create a free account. To give you an impression of the software we have made some screenshots. Below you'll find these images with a description.


Below you see 3 different screens of Surfeasy Windows client. In the first screenshot you can see what it looks like when the service is turned off

. The next screenshot is made while connected to a server in the United Kingdom. Also the ad tracking blocker is on. On the flag at the top of the screenshot you can choose your location. At the settings button you can check some extra options such as turning off and on the ad tracking blocker. All in all it is very clear and easy to use. We think it's a pity that there are no more settings available.

Surfeasy op Android

For our review we installed the Surfeasy app on our Android phone. Tastes differ but we think the app looks nice and clear. Also here we think it's just a pity that the possibilities to set it up are limited.

Browser extensions

Surfeasy has created an extension for Chrome and Opera for people who only want to surf anonymously or only want to use the VPN in the browser. With these extensions you can easily switch to a VPN connection for your browser. With this extension you can easily determine in which country you want to connect to a VPN server. We tested this browser extension for chrome for this Surfeasy review. This turned out to be very easy to work with, also the stability of the connections was good.

Privacy and security

There are a few ambiguities about the privacy and security of Surfeasy, something that appeals to us much less. On the site of Surfeasy it is indicated that no data is logged except the data that must be logged what government agencies have decided. In terms of encryption of your data, it's okay, but not more than that. Windows, Mac computer and Android devices use OpenVPN by default. OpenVPN is in our opinion (and in that of many others) the most secure solution you can choose for VPN connections. On iOS, iPhone and iPad however, IPsec is used by default. In our opinion this is a disadvantage because it is much easier to be blocked by network administrators. Public networks, for example, may have set this up.

No killswitch

Another important point is that the software of this server does not have a kill switch option. When the VPN connection is lost, the internet traffic will go over your normal internet connection.

Surfeasy en bittorrent

Many people want to use a VPN connection to download torrents. Surfeasy allows downloading torrents over their network. They don't offer a socks5 proxy for torrents but if you are connected to Surfeasy you download your torrents anonymously and it is a pity that there is no kill switch option in the client software. If your VPN connection is lost for any reason you will upload and download your torrent via your own ip.

Surfeasy Netflix

Many people use a VPN service because they want to see what Netflix of America has to offer. After all, in America the Netflix offer is bigger and faster available. However, the problem with VPN and Netflix is that Netflix wants to block VPN servers, they want to maintain that people from other countries can't see certain content and some VPN services manage to bypass Netflix blocks. We have therefore tested if the servers of Surfeasy can do this. The answer is that at the time of testing Netflix did not work in combination with Surfeasy.

Surfeasy costs

Surfeasy has 3 different prices, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. There is the free subscription which has the restriction that you can only use 500 Mb per year. A step higher you will find the "Total" package with which you can use an unlimited amount of data. The disadvantage of this subscription is that you have access to the same limited number of servers as with the free subscription. As the most expensive package you will find the "Ultra" package with which you can also use unlimited data and have access to all servers of Surfeasy. The prices of the Surfeasy subscriptions are much too high for what it offers. For the same price you have, for example, the premium service of ExpressVPN. A service that offers a much better service, software and connections.

Free version Surfeasy

In addition, Surfeasy also offers the possibility to try the service for free. As with all other free VPN services, there are restrictions attached to this. With the free version you have access to fewer servers and you also have a data limit of 500 Mb per month.

Conclusion, our experience with Surfeasy

Surfeasy is a very good service for people who want to use public wifi networks without the risk of being hacked. The service is also very suitable for people who want to view geographically blocked content on the internet. The software is easy to use and therefore also suitable for the less technical people. The price is on the high side. In our Surfeasy review it has also become clear that the VPN service is less suitable for people who expect more from such a service. People who for example need a kill switch option or want to switch protocols or ports come from a cold carnival at home.

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