Set up VPN on Apple TV, the possibilities & the best choice!


Using a VPN connection on the Apple TV has several advantages; mainly bypassing geographical blockages. For example, with a VPN connection you can watch the extended offer of Netflix USA in the Netherlands. If you don't know what a VPN is yet, click here for an explanation of what a VPN is). Only setting up a VPN connection is not as easy on an Apple TV as it is on a smartphone or computer. Fortunately, with the help of the manual on this page it is relatively easy to get a VPN connection working on your Apple TV.

Set up VPN on Apple TV, the possibilities & the best choice!

Best VPNs for Apple TV

To make it a little easier for you, we've made a list of the best VPN services for Apple TV. When selecting the right VPN providers for your Apple TV, we've paid attention to the following: With the services listed below, you can be sure you're getting a good VPN service for your Apple TV .


The service develops very good software and the connections are of very good quality. In addition, it is one of the few services that always work with Netflix, other providers are more often blocked by Netflix. Moreover, there is a clear roadmap available for the people who want ExpressVPN to work on their Apple TV.


The software and the amount of servers you find at NordVPN is really very good. The price is also a lot lower than ExpressVPN which makes NordVPN a very attractive VPN service and the website lacks a clear explanation on how to use the NordVPN on your Apple TV. But there is a good explanation on how to install NordVPN on your router. When you do that and you let your Apple TV use the internet via the router, you still have your Apple TV over a VPN connection.

Via a (virtual) router

This is the solution for people who want to use the internet via a real VPN connection with their Apple TV. With this solution you let the router connect to a VPN server. This ensures that all internet traffic from the Apple TV connected to the VPN router goes through the VPN connection. There are roughly 2 ways in which you can achieve this.

Hardware router als VPN-client

There are routers that are able to act as VPN clients. With these so-called VPN routers it is possible to connect a VPN to a VPN server of which you have the data. Once this connection is established all devices that connect to the Internet via this router will use the VPN connection. This way it is possible to use the internet with an Apple TV over a VPN connection. When the VPN server of your choice is located in America it is also easily possible to receive geographically blocked content from America such as Netflix and Hulu in the Netherlands.

Virtual router on laptop or computer

You can also do the same by setting up your laptop or PC as a router and VPN client. There is software available that can turn your Windows or Mac OS X computer or laptop into a router. When this is enabled you can connect your Apple TV to the network you just set up with your computer or laptop. When this last mentioned computer or laptop installs a VPN client and then connects to a VPN server, then the Apple TV is connected to the internet via the VPN connection that the Virtual Router has set up. On the computer or laptop that serves as a virtual router you have the chance to connect the VPN client to a VPN server of your choice. The server of your choice will of course also be used by the devices that use the laptop or computer as a router. If you choose to connect to an American VPN server on the virtual router, it is possible to receive the American Netflix on your Apple TV.

Via Smart DNS from VPN provider

With the right DNS settings via the right provider, it is possible to bypass geographical blockages on Apple TV. This is often called a "smart DNS" solution. ExpressVPN in particular is an active frontrunner in this and provides a very clear explanation on the website how to set up the Media Streamer service on your Apple TV. Setting up the Smart DNS service on an Apple TV is in most cases easier than making a VPN connection available for the Apple TV as described above.

Stappenplan ExpressVPN mediastreamer op Apple TV

It basically means that you let your Apple TV use an alternative DNS server that provides ExpressVPN. This sounds very difficult but in practice it is very simple. In practice, the following steps are taken: Apple TV". Then you also have the possibility to install apps that can normally only be found in the American iTunes store.NOTE: The above mediastreamer solution is not a VPN connection. You are not secured as you would normally be with a VPN connection. The data you send and receive is not encrypted. This solution is only designed to bypass geographical blockages on your Apple TV. This solution makes it possible to watch, for example, the American Netflix in the Netherlands.

Why a VPN connection on Apple TV

The vast majority of people use a VPN connection with their Apple TV to view geographically blocked content. With a VPN connection it is possible to fake your location by changing your IP address. Changing your IP address may suddenly make you feel like you are in a different location. All in all you have the following advantages when using a VPN connection for your Apple TV:


    Conclusion VPN on Apple TV

    It seems like a big job to get a VPN connection workable on an Apple TV. In practice, however, the above solutions can be realized within 5 minutes. With a VPN connection you actually have more possibilities with your Apple TV than without a VPN connection. There is simply more content to stream, think for example of the foreign Netflix versions. And you can also use more apps because you have access to foreign iTunes stores.

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