Need a VPN addon for Firefox? Find out what the best providers are


Do you use Mozilla Firefox as a browser? And do you want to use a VPN connection regularly while surfing? Then a VPN addon for Firefox is a good option. An addon is a piece of software that you install in the browser that adds extra VPN functionality to the browser. An addon is also called an extension. VPN functionality in your browser can be extremely useful when you want to view geographically blocked content in Firefox, for example . Think for example of watching Broadcast Missed or RTL XL abroad. Also when you want to be able to bank securely while using a public wifi network it is much safer to do this via a VPN connection.

Need a VPN addon for Firefox? Find out what the best providers are

The best Firefox VPN addons

Before we explain exactly how the VPN addons or extensions for Firefox work you'll first see a list of the according to our best VPN addons for Firefox below. We have chosen based on the user friendliness of the software but also on the quality of the VPN connections that are set up with the VPN addon Firefox.


ExpressVPN is one of our favorite VPN services on the market, this has mainly to do with the perfect connection speeds and stable connections. ExpressVPN's software also stands out from other VPN services and this is reflected in the Firefox addon that ExpressVPN has made available to the subscribers of the VPN service. The Firefox VPN addon is not a standalone addon, this means it is necessary to have the standard ExpressVPN software installed on your computer as well. The addon is very clear and has exactly the options you would expect. You can easily connect in Firefox to a server which you can of course also choose in the addon. Besides that you also have the option to block WebRTC traffic. WebRTC is a protocol to enable audio and video calling in the browser. A problem with WebRTC is that it can leave your real ip address and cause a DNS leak. The option to block all WebRTC traffic is therefore a welcome addition in a VPN Firefox addon, which is available on the operating systems Mac OS X and Windows. In order to use the addon in the browser, it is therefore necessary to install the client on the relevant operating system.visit ExpressVPN Firefox VPN pagniaAction: 3 months free with an annual subscription to ExpressVPN! *Only valid via the links on our website. When ordering an annual subscription, you will see this promotion on the ExpressVPN website.


NordVPN also has fantastic VPN connections available and a large network of servers all over the world. NordVPN also appears in our list of best VPN's. NordVPN has developed a Firefox addon which makes it possible to easily connect from the browser to a VPN server of your choice. As already discussed in the NordVPN review the connections to the VPN servers are fast and reliable. Also the level of encryption is fine which makes the overall VPN connection pleasant and fast. The options of the NordVPN Firefox addon are clear and convenient. Just like ExpressVPN, NordVPN has the option in the Firefox addon to block WebRTC traffic and they also have an adblocker built in that you can enable. NordVPN's adblock technique is called CyberSec, this service blocks ip addresses and domains of advertising companies on server level. One advantage of the NordVPN Mozilla Firefox addon is that you don't need to have the default client installed on your computer. The addon simply works in the browser. This can be very useful when you are using a computer on which you have no rights to install software. Also for people who simply don't want to install too much software on their laptop or computer, this is a very welcome feature of this Firefox VPN addon.

Free VPN addons for Firefox

There are also several free VPN addons available in the Mozilla addon library. Keep in mind that free VPN providers actually have a catch. For example, chances are they will use your data to resell. Or even worse, as Hola VPN did, use your internet connection for other Hola users. There are also free VPN addons that do not do this. These providers give you a free VPN connection with restrictions in the hope that you will buy the full version later. Of course, this full version has no restrictions. Restrictions include a data limit, a limited number of servers or a maximum speed.


Zenmate offers a free Firefox addon that makes it easy to set up a VPN connection with Zenmate's free servers. With the free addon of Zenmate you have the possibility to connect to 4 servers of Zenmate. There is no data limit for this free VPN and so this addon is really ideal for people who need a VPN connection to be able to securely internet banking and mail on public networks but do not want to subscribe. We have noticed that the speed of the free version of Zenmate is a bit slow and the addon of Zenmate for Firefox works fine. There are almost no settings, but you can enable a WebRTC block as with the previous Firefox addons discussed. And of course you can choose between different locations you want to connect to. In the free version these are Germany, Hong Kong, Romania and the United States. When you take a premium subscription of Zenmate you have the choice between 30 different locations and the speed of the connections is better.


This VPN service is our number in the list of best free VPNs. This is because the free deal they offer is very attractive. Windscribe's free subscription allows you to consume 10 Gigabytes of data, also with the normal apps for Windows, OS X, Android, iPhone and therefore the browser addon for Firefox. There is also a very good Chrome VPN extension to use Windscribe and the Windscribe addon for Firefox has added several good privacy options. For example you can enable the following options: As you can read in our Windscribe review the VPN service uberhaubt is a reasonable choice if you are looking for a good VPN service. What we really miss in the Windscribe addon for Firefox is that there is no possibility to block WebRTC traffic. We do find this in all other Firefox addons and Windscribe would do well to implement this in their browser extension as well. If you never use WebRTC prtocol at all it's not necessarily necessary, but the option belongs in a serious VPN service with Firefox addon. The fact that there is no WebRTC blocker and that there is a data limit on the usage is the reason we placed Windscribe as number 2 Firefox VPN addon.visit Windscribe

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