Keezel, hardware-based VPN connection easy


Keezel is the device that will make it easy to connect to the internet via a VPN server. For people who suffer from geographical blockades or internet censorship, for example, a VPN connection is a nice solution. For example, you can still miss your favourite Dutch series on broadcast when you are on holiday or abroad for work. In addition, Keezel himself indicates that the device is also useful for people who often use public wifi networks. Especially when you work flex, for example in coffee shops, it is important that your internet traffic is safe. A VPN connection can ensure this by encrypting all your internet traffic, so Keezel takes care of this as well. Your surfing behaviour can also become more anonymous, so it is more difficult for advertising companies to target ads at you.

Keezel, hardware-based VPN connection easy

How does the Keezel work exactly?

The Keezel is in fact an access point that connects to a VPN server via an available internet connection. On the other hand, the Keezel creates a wifi network to which you can connect your devices. For example, when you are connected with your laptop to the wifi network that the Keezel has set up, the Keezel ensures that all your internet traffic is sent and received via an encrypted connection to a VPN server. In fact the Keezel is a VPN client and a router in 1. To use the Keezel you must have a VPN server to connect to. By default the Keezel provides a limited free connection to its own VPN server, however the speed is limited. Therefore for a subscription of $5 per month you can use several VPN servers all over the world with unlimited speed. Keezel has made an appointment with 3 VPN providers with which Keezel users can use the servers of these companies. These appointments have been made with PureVPN, Le VPN and ProXPN and Keezel has a nice extra. The device has a built-in battery that can charge your devices via a USB, this can of course be useful when you are out and about with mobile devices.

Target group Keezel

De Keezel offers an easy solution for people who want to use a VPN connection. These are generally people who often use public wifi networks and send sensitive information, e.g. freelancers working in cafes or people on business trips who need to use the wifi offered by the hotel or airport. Also people who want to circumvent geographical restrictions or censorship in certain countries, e.g. on holiday, can use De Keezel. Because multiple devices and therefore multiple people can use the Keezel connection at the same time, this can be very useful for families on holiday .

Necessity of Keezel

To be honest, we find the Keezel very expensive for what it actually does. The purchase cost is around $100 after which you also have to pay $5 per month if you want to make a fast unlimited connection to the VPN servers within the network. Especially when you consider that an average subscription with a vpn provider costs about $3.50 per month and that actually all providers provide good free apps and free software for all devices, it seems to us to be high priced. For people who are really very a-technical and can't install an app or software on their device or for people who want to easily share the vpn connection with multiple people the Keezel seems useful to us.

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