Hide My Ass review, information and our experience with the HMA VPN service


Hide My Ass is a very old and therefore well known VPN service from the United Kingdom. The service was once negatively in the news because according to users they shared information with a government. HMA (Hide My Ass) has software for the different operating systems. So you know for sure that you can easily connect to the secure VPN network. You can set up a VPN connection with 2 different devices at the same time under 1 account. In this Hide My Ass review we will share our experiences with this service.

Hide My Ass review, information and our experience with the HMA VPN service


Due to the fact that HMA has been around for so long, they really have an incredible amount of servers. There are more than 940 servers spread over 130 or more countries. In practice this means that you have access to a lot of blocked content. Another advantage of this huge amount of servers is that you will always have a server nearby. This is more or less a guarantee that you will always have a fast vpn connection at your disposal.

Specific IP-adress

At Hide My Ass you have the possibility to reserve your own IP address. This can be useful if you need to whitelist an IP address for certain services. For example, if you want your router to allow only your own IP address to be accessed from outside, there is an additional charge for a dedicated IP address. The cost of this depends on the server location from which you would like to have your own IP address. Feel free to ask the HMA support team what the costs are for your needs.

Software Hide My Ass VPN

Because HMA has actually created a client for each device and operating system, it is easy to use the VPN connection. Easy to install software is available for iOS (Iphone and Ipad), as well as Windows, Linux, OSx(mac) and Android. The company has also become very well known because it has been around for so long. This has also ensured that the software that has been developed is simply very good. Below is a video of installing Hide My Ass on Windows and Android. For this review we installed and tested the software on Windows ourselves.


On Windows, the software looks like this. It all works nicely, but that's all. Besides that, we think the software looks a bit outdated. This is not necessarily serious, but the software has an old look as well as outdated functionality. For better VPN's for Windows you can read our Windows VPN page.


Also on Android, the installation process is easy. Simply download the software from the play store and then log in with your login information. From that moment on you can use the VPN connections of Hide My Ass.

Automatic connection

HideMyAss does not have an option to automatically connect when starting a computer. The software does have an option called "secure ip bind". With this option you can indicate which programs are only allowed to connect over a VPN connection. This means that if there is no VPN connection, the programs in question do not send data to the Internet. This option is only available for Windows software.

Security and privacy

As previously indicated, Hide My Ass uses the 3 best known protocols: Open VPN (256-bit encryption), L2TP (256-bit encryption) and PTPP (128-bit encryption). In the software you can easily indicate which protocol you want to use. The internet traffic that you have over a VPN connection from HMA will be sent encrypted. You can use a public wifi more secure and your internet traffic is not eavesdropped on by third parties. The software also has useful features such as ip binding. This means that a certain application (e.g. your browser or torrent client) will only work if there is a VPN connection. One drawback we can find with regard to privacy is that Hide My Ass falls under the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom. This means in practice that the company has to keep logs of the internet traffic over their VPN service. If the government asks for it, these logs will have to be issued, and it has also become apparent that a policy of this kind is not suitable for people who are looking for total privacy. For example, it has become known that with the help of Hide My Ass, a hacker of the dulzsec collective has been arrested by the authorities. We think that most people would be happy with this, but if you want more privacy you can take a look at the other VPN services we discussed. One service that does offer a lot of privacy is NordVPN.

Secure IP-binding

Hide My Ass has an alternative to the kill switch systems used by other VPN services. With the secure IP binding option you can set which programs are only allowed to work when a VPN connection is set up. When the VPN connection is lost the internet traffic of the programs will be blocked as well. For example, you can add your torrent software to this list. The secure IP binding option is only available on Windows. The option looks like this.

The speed and stability

The speed is sufficient for the normal user. By this we mean the people who simply want to surf safely and bypass geographical blockages. For those who download and upload a lot there are better VPN services that offer higher speeds. If high speed is important you can check out the page with our list of fastest VPN's. The stability is just fine. Partly because there are so many servers all over the world Hide My Ass seems to be able to distribute the traffic well over the different servers. This means that the speeds can be kept constant and therefore stable.

Download Torrent with Hide My Ass

Despite Hide My Ass's poor reputation for downloading and privacy, downloading with Bitorrent is allowed. However, they reserve the right to take out subscriptions. For this test, we downloaded Ubuntu via Bittorrent, and that went fine. There are also users who indicate on the internet that they have received letters from lawyers after downloading torrents. We strongly advise against downloading torrents with Hide My Ass.

Costs Hide My Ass

Hide My Ass Pro has 3 subscriptions. The possibilities are the same with all subscriptions, the difference between the packages can be found in the length of the subscription. The longer you pay your subscription in advance the lower the costs per month. In practice this means that if you pay a year in advance the costs are €5,99 per month. If you take a subscription of 1 month this will cost you €10,99. And the cheapest option available costs €3,99 per month, for this you need a 2 year subscription. When you are sure that you will use the service for a longer period of time, it is cheaper to immediately take out a long subscription


Free trial period

If you are not sure whether you will be happy with HMA's VPN service, you can fortunately test the service free of charge in advance. There is a 7-day trial period that costs nothing. For this trial period you will need to provide your payment information, but you can easily cancel the trial period on the Hide My Ass website.

Conclusion, our experience with Hide My Ass

Hide my ass is a great service for those who want to easily use secure internet on a public hotspot. The service is also perfect for bypassing land blockades on content. A drawback of this service is that there was once a controversy about the service. They allegedly passed on personal data of a user of Hide My Ass to a government. The government asked for this because of suspected copyright infringement. To surf the internet anonymously, you're not comfortable with this service.

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