Hide IP address with a VPN service, read how to do it here!


Hiding your IP address may be desirable for several reasons. For example, with a hidden IP you run less risk about your online privacy. In addition, the advertising platforms are less able to follow you when your IP address is hidden. Hiding your IP address is the way to do it for people who want to download anonymously, but online there is so much tracked and information collected that making your IP invisible can be a very good idea at all. Everyone has a right to their privacy. An IP address reveals a lot of information about you. With a VPN!

Hide IP address with a VPN service, read how to do it here!

What exactly is an IP address?

An IP address is the address your internet connection has. Each computer and internet connection has its own IP-address, this ensures that each computer in a network can be identified and thus receive the correct information. If you want to know what your internet IP-address is you can find it on our website. We have placed a tool on our website with which you can find out your IP-address for free. Every website you visit or other internet service you use can see the IP address of your internet connection. Every website you visit or any other internet service you use can see the IP address of your internet connection, so they can see where you are and if they merge data from other websites, they can create a pretty complete profile about you. With a VPN connection that IP address for the outside world changes to the IP address of the VPN server you are connected to. Because many other computers use this IP-address, it is not possible to create a profile for your surfing behavior.

How can you hide your IP address? With a VPN!

But how's that? Hiding your IP address. There are several possibilities, but by far the easiest and most accurate is to use a VPN service. This is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to surf the internet anonymously. With a VPN service you connect to the internet via a VPN server. When you send a data request to the internet, for example to visit a web page, it goes through the VPN server. The VPN server then forwards this request to the website in question. The website thinks that the IP address of the visitor is the IP address of the VPN server and sends the data there. The VPN server then sends this back to your device. This happens in milliseconds, you don't even know it yourself. With BitTorrent and Popcorn Time it is even possible for anyone who wants to see which IP address is downloading and uploading what. This is also the reason why many people want to hide their own IP address while using Popcorn Time and/or torrent downloads. This is also fine with a VPN connection.

Internet provider can't watch either

Many people then ask whether the used internet provider such as KPN or Ziggo can see what you are doing. With a VPN the answer is no. Not only do you hide your IP with it, but all communication between your computer and the VPN server is encrypted. So your internet provider only sees encrypted data if they are watching. By the way, the ISP is watching anyway. They are obliged to keep your browsing history for at least 6 months. You can read more about this on our page with information about who can watch your internet traffic.

No logs

In addition, there are plenty of VPN services that do not keep logs. This means that nowhere is it recorded that you have visited this website. In combination with the above properties of a VPN connection you are basically surfing secretly when you are connected to a VPN server


VPN services to hide IP address

However, there are so many VPN services, which one should you choose to hide your IP address? We have a special page with a large overview to compare differences VPN services, but we can also directly recommend 3, the services we think are good. We have taken into account the privacy conditions of the selected parties, which is probably important if you are looking for a VPN that hides your IP address. Furthermore, the VPN services below work fine, fast and easy. Hide your IP address with one of the following services.


ExpressVPN considers privacy of paramount importance. This is partly due to the fact that their company is located on the British Virgin Islands and therefore does not need to store or transfer data when asked for. In addition, ExpressVPN's VPN connections are truly of high quality. Of course you want to be able to surf the internet quickly if you are hiding your own IP address.  The software also has a very good kill switch feature that ensures that your IP address does not accidentally leak out when your VPN connection is lost. Visit ExpressVPNActie: 3 months free with an annual subscription to ExpressVPN! *Only valid via the links on our website. When ordering an annual subscription, you will see this promotion on the ExpressVPN website.


NordVPN is known for its very good privacy policy. Also the speed is very good and there are plenty of servers to connect to in order to hide your ip. The software to use NordVPN is also very easy to use and comes out second best in our test to find the best VPN services. Visit NordVPNFor a full review of NordVPN click here.

Private Internet Access

Also Private Internet Access or while PIA is an easy to use and good VPN service. This service is very attractively priced and yet you get a great service for it. The software of PIA is easy to use and simply works well on the different devices. For people who are looking for a good budget solution to hide their IP, Private Internet Access is a very good choice.

Actually using VPN software

Of course, you still have to make sure that you are surfing via a different IP address and that the one of your internet connection is hidden. With the software of the different VPN providers, this is a piece of cake. The software connects you to the server of your choice. After this connection, the software makes sure that all your internet traffic goes through this vpn server and is properly encrypted. Below you can see what it looks like at NordVPN. But hiding your IP address works the same with Windows 7 or 8. With the different VPN services it can look different.

Hide IP on Mac

Even on MacOS computers it's very easy to hide your own IP address. The various VPN services have also created a client (software) for Mac computers. Just like with Windows, this software makes it very easy to connect to a VPN server of the VPN service in question. Once connected to such a server, your IP address is also hidden when using a Mac.

Hide IP on your smartphone with Android or iOS

In addition to hiding your IP address while working on your computer or laptop, it can be done with mobile devices. Hiding your IP address can be done on all common smartphones and tablets. The well known VPN providers, including those mentioned above, all have an app for mobile devices. A VPN app is an easy to use program where you can easily connect to a VPN server. This is by far the easiest way to hide your IP on both Android and iPhone.If you are looking for a VPN app for your mobile to hide your IP address we have written 2 special pages with the best VPN apps for Android and the best VPN apps for iPhone.

Hide IP address while using browser

So all your internet traffic goes through this VPN connection. No matter what you do on the internet, no service or website you use or visit can see what your real IP address is. Every website you visit will think that the IP address of the VPN server is your IP address. Once your computer is connected to a VPN server, your IP address is hidden from websites, whether you are using Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, or any other browser, there are also options to limit your browser traffic to a VPN service. This often comes in the form of a VPN extension to Chrome or an add-on to Firefox. Firefox and Chrome are actually the only 2 browsers VPN providers have released an extension or addon for. With this 2 browser you can easily hide your IP from the websites you visit.

Webrtc can leak IP

Webrtc is a standard that makes it possible to communicate via sound and image in the browser. A disadvantage of this technique is that while you are connected to a VPN server your real IP address can be leaked. This vulnerability is reflected in Firefox and Chrome. If you want to keep your IP address hidden it is therefore important that you do not use browser applications that use the webrtc protocol during your VPN connection. By the way, you can easily check if your IP address is leaked. Check this yourself on our page DNS and IP leak test.

Hide your IP address for free

It is also possible to use a VPN for people who prefer not to spend money on a VPN subscription. There are several VPN services that offer a free VPN subscription, but these free VPN services often have a certain restriction on the use of VPN connections. This restriction is often in the form of a data limit and limitation to a number of (often slower) servers. The free VPN services are therefore not suitable for hiding your IP address when downloading, as data limits are too small for that. The amount of data that is allowed is sufficient to hide your IP address while surfing and e-mailing online. So if you want to hide your IP address for a short period of time, a free VPN is a great solution. On our page about free VPN services you will find the best services to hide your IP for free. There you will also find more information about how the free VPN providers work.

Hide IP address when downloading

Also when you use a download program like Vuze, uTorrent, Grabbit it is often useful to hide your IP. Especially nowadays many people don't like it when their real IP address is visible when they download something. Of course, no one is waiting for a download fine. Luckily you can download anonymously with a VPN. With a VPN connection you hide your real IP address. The server from which you download or the other people in the network (in the case of BitTorrent) only see the IP address of the VPN server.


No matter why you want to hide your IP address, there are several options to do so. The easiest way is to use a VPN connection. Although there are a number of free solutions, the big disadvantage is that if you use it a lot you will have to pay for a subscription from about €2 per month. There are also other methods to hide your IP address: for example a proxy server or the TOR network. A proxy is just not very safe and often works unstable. And using the TOR network is a stable secure option, but it will seriously slow down the internet connection.

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