AVG Secure VPN review, our experience with this VPN service from AVG.



AVG Secure VPN is a complementary product of the company AVG that has become known with its antivirus software. In this review of AVG Secure VPN we share our experiences with the service and describe the possibilities, advantages and drawbacks of this VPN service. Find out if the AVG VPN fits your needs.

AVG Secure VPN review, our experience with this VPN service from AVG.


At the time of writing, there are servers in more than 50 countries. In these countries there are multiple locations where the servers are distributed. The number of servers is small compared to some other VPN services. The future will tell if more servers will be added to the AVG Secure VPN network. If you are looking for a VPN with many more servers in many more countries we can for example recommend ExpressVPN or CyberGhost. The small number of servers can be a problem for certain purposes. For example, if you want to view geographically blocked content from countries where AVG Secure VPN does not have a server. For example to view blocked videos from Belgium it is important to connect to a VPN server in Belgium. During this review of AVG Secure VPN this was for example not possible.

Use of AVG Secure VPN

AVG is known for the ease of use with which the software can be used. This is no different with Secure VPN; it is easy to use and works intuitively on the various operating systems for which software or apps are made. Software is available for Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad). The Windows software works on Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows XP. AVG Secure VPN is installed on the mobile devices via the app store. For computers and laptops you can easily download the software from the AVG website. The installation is easy and you can immediately use the free trial license which is valid for 30 days. If you want to continue to use AVG's VPN connections it is important to activate the software. You can do this by taking out a paid subscription and then activate the VPN service with a product key.

On Windows and MacOS computers and laptops

For Windows and Mac computers, an installation file can be downloaded from the AVG Secure VPN website. Installing it is a piece of cake, you download AVG Secure VPN and then double click on the downloaded file. All you have to do is accept the user agreement and then click on the next one. Once AVG Secure VPN is installed you can start it up the way you are accustomed to using software on both systems. Using the VPN software on Windows and MacOS is easy . The software is easy to use and works intiutively. There are not many options to set up: you can choose which server you want to connect to in which country and then click on "connect". You can also disconnect again by clicking the same button.

AVG VPN app for Android and iOS

The apps for iPhone, iPad and Android tablets and phones can be downloaded from the app stores of Android and Apple. Downloading from the app store is free of charge and then the VPN service can be tried out for 7 days free of charge. After this 7 day trial period you will need to purchase a paid license if you want to continue to use AVG Secure VPN. If you do not want to set up as much, the AVG Secure VPN app may be sufficient. However, we have another list of best VPN apps for iPhone and Android.

Privacy and security

There is some uncertainty about the exact technical operation of AVG Secure's VPN connections. Also in the settings of the program little can be found about the protocols and encryption used. On the website we can find some information. It has become clear that OpenVPN is used in combination with UDP for all VPN connections. It is also made clear that 256-bit AES encryption is used. This is a very secure and strong encryption combination. You can confidently use the AVG Secure VPN to secure connections to public wifi networks and the way a VPN service handles your data is also important when it comes to privacy. The website states that AVG does not store any data about your usage when you are connected to an AVG Secure VPN server. We do, however, find on the website that a number of data is stored for analysis, with the aim of improving the operation of VPN connections. These 2 messages contradict each other a little bit. We prefer that a VPN service as a whole does not contain any log files. The fact that the company is located in the Czech Republic does give some confidence, the privacy regulations are better regulated there than for example in the United States. All in all, we are not very positive about the log policy, which in our opinion is too unclear.

Speed and stability of VPN connection

Speed and stability of a VPN connection is very important to us. After all, you don't want your internet to slow down or fail over and over while using a VPN connection. For this review we have extensively tested the speed and stability of AVG Secure VPN connections. We can tell you right away that our experience with AVG Secure VPN connections is not particularly good, the speed drop was still acceptable, it went from 35 Mbps to 27 Mbps. But the stability left something to be desired. Our connection failed during the review of AVG secure VPN. You notice this for example when loading internet pages, it just took too long before loading started. We also noticed this when watching a movie: there were a few buffers in between. This is all very undesirable if you use a VPN. So if you want to use AVG Secure VPN for streaming videos with Kodi for example, we can recommend you to choose another VPN service.

Buying costs from AVG Secure VPN

The price for using AVG Secure VPN is different from most other VPN providers. For example, AVG Secure VPN currently charges your subscription per device. For example, if you want to use a VPN connection on your Windows computer and on your Android phone, you will need to purchase 2 different licenses. This will of course involve extra costs. Something we really think is a disadvantage, with most VPN providers you can use a VPN connection with 1 subscription with multiple devices at the same time. The price for a Windows or Mac license costs at the time of writing if you pay in Euro's €79,99 per year. If you choose to subscribe directly for 3 years you will pay €6,11 per month, so the above price is for 1 computer. If you are looking for a VPN connection for multiple devices you can go out for a multiple of this price. Compared to other VPN's these prices are really high, especially for the relatively poor quality of the AVG Secure VPN.

Free trial period

AVG Secure VPN has a free trial period that you can use to test the VPN service properly. This 7 day trial period is in our opinion a nice offer, you still get a good picture of the service. It should be noted that there are several VPN providers offering this service. For example, ExpressVPN even offers a 30 day money back guarantee.

Concluded AVG Secure VPN

In this review it became clear that our experience with AVG Secure VPN as a VPN service was not perfect. The software works easily and looks good. On the other hand, the connections to the VPN servers were not completely stable. The privacy guarantee is also a bit too unclear as far as we are concerned, something that we still attach a lot of value to when we want to use a VPN service.

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